Governance and Policy

Maor's experts assess your organisation's cybersecurity readiness against industry standards and regulations, prioritize critical assets, and devise strategies that align with policy requirements to mitigate risks effectively.

Governance and Policy

Maor’s team of experts will analyse your organisation's cybersecurity readiness and the current controls employed, identify industry standards, frameworks, and regulatory guidelines for managing information security to reduce the risk to your organisation. Our analysis is designed to identify critical assets that must be prioritized for protection and the levels of risk to be assigned relative to regulatory measures. We implement and integrate our findings from this process of analysis to deliver a successful strategy for the organisation, ensuring adherence to the relevant policies and procedures.

Governance flow

Identify & Evaluate the Current Organisational Cybersecurity Status

- Review current controls against the current industry benchmarks such as NIST, ISO27001.
- Identify levels of risk against regulatory expectations and identify vital assets that need to be safeguarded.

Collaborating with the Organisation to Identify Strategic Objectives

Working together to establish a clear defensive strategy with all the organisational stakeholders for a desired governance structure for now and into the future.

Create a Roadmap to Achieve Cyber Resilience

Identify the people, methods, technology which is required to achieve the desired Cyber Resilience.

Implement & Incorporate

Maor ensures the successful delivery of the organisational strategic cyber reliance goals by offering all required services necessary to obtain this. – CTaas, CISO as a Service, Advisory Services, Engineering Services.