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Bringing Trust to Data Security

An organisations data is one of its principal assets - at Maor Cyber Security, we implement the protections needed for your data to remain secure and accessible at all times.

The Maor Cyber Security Group is a Cyber essentials company, comprised of multidisciplinary experts in the fields of Governance, Technology and Cyber Protection.

We identify and mitigate the cyber risks posed to organisations - achieving this by collaborating with our clients in conducting comprehensive cyber risk reviews, with the objective of enhancing their organisational cyber security resilience.

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Security Solutions

We work directly with our clients to advise, develop, and implement a practical cybersecurity solution which will provide real and quantifiable benefits to protect our clients’ organisations.

Governance & Policy

Identifying industry standards and regulatory guidelines for managing information security to reduce your risk of cyber attack.

Security Advisory

Maor Cyber Security work with all stakeholders to evaluate your organisation's security posture and establish a roadmap going forward.

Vulnerability Testing

Establish if your organisation has vulnerabilities which could be exposed at an application or infrastructural level.


Specialised services that help organisations collect information that may be relevant to litigation .
Finance & Banking

The banking sector has experienced relentless technological and regulatory change over the last 20 years. Nearly all transactions today occur digitally, exposing the financial sector to new risks and threats in the form of cybercrime.


Public sector healthcare providers are particularly susceptible to supply chain attacks that exploit the chain of trust, targeting the valuable personal data which healthcare providers store and process. Suppliers can be seen as more vulnerable and an easier route for attackers to gain access to a more lucrative target.


The legal sector is particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to the volume of data, sensitive information, financial responsibility and authority held. Although the main reason law firms are targeted is for financial gain, there is also a growth in bad actors using cyber-attacks to achieve political, economic or ideological goals.

Retail & E-Commerce

With the ever-changing threat landscape faced by retailers, information security has become a top priority. It is expected
that Global E-Commerce trade will reach USD 5 trillion by end of 2022, with cybercriminals actively perusing opportunities to exploit the large volumes of sensitive data stored by retailers.

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