Managed SOC / Unified Security Management

Maor's Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)/Unified Security Management offers comprehensive, around-the-clock cybersecurity monitoring and incident response to protect your infrastructure.

Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)/Unified Security Management (USM)

Maor’s MSOC/USM team simplifies cyber security management by providing a single, cohesive view of the entire organisation's security landscape, allowing more effective management and response to potential threats. We are a centralised team of cyber security professionals who provide 24/7 monitoring of all IT infrastructure.

Our aim is to detect and respond to cyber security events in real-time and minimise the impact of any attack on the information assets of your organisation. We employ an integrated approach to the task by utilising a combination of people, technology, threat intelligence, and processes, to effectively deal with cyber security incidents as they arise.

Protecting Your Organisation from Cyber Threats

Enhancing Cyber Security with MSOC/USM

What a MSOC/USM does:
  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management): Collects, normalises, correlates, and analysis of security event data from various sources to identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Threat Intelligence: Leveraging threat intelligence to remain updated on the latest security threats, attack patterns, and indicators of compromise.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Using tools to scan systems and networks for weaknesses, providing insights into potential entry points for attackers.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention: Provision of capabilities to actively monitor network traffic, detect suspicious activity, and prevent potential threats.
  • Log Management: The collection, storage, and analysis of log data from various systems and devices within an organization's infrastructure.
  • Incident Response: Installation ofsystems to assist in the investigation, containment, and resolution of security incidents.
  • Compliance Management: Assisting organisations in meeting regulatory compliance requirements by providing the necessary compliance tools and reports.
Why an external MSOC/USM:
  • Coverage: 24 x 7 x 365 uninterrupted monitoring of cyber threats, covering the organisation’s entire IT infrastructure.
  • Cost: Outsourced role: negates the requirement to set up, train, and maintain an internal team. No requirement for individual areas of the business to budget for cyber security requirements. Minimisation of delay in dealing with cyber security attacks results in reduced impact of a potential breach, which may result in legal action and/or reputational damage.
  • Quick Response: Fast and efficient response to cyber security incidents. Ensures that set procedures and processes will be followed in the event of an attack, minimising the timeline between detection and response.
  • Centralised response: A function solely dedicated to gathering the relevant people processes, information, and technology into one area of the organisation so that when an incident occurs, they are ready to protect IT assets and infrastructure.
  • Compliance: Provision of the necessary expertise to keep organisations compliant with regulatory requirements. Advanced detection and subsequent technical support of potential compliance violations.
  • Business Reputation: Indicator to internal and external stakeholders that data security and privacy are serious considerations for the organisation.
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