Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Benefit from comprehensive cybersecurity oversight and expertise with Maor's Virtual Chief Information Security Officer service, offering seasoned security leadership and reducing the cost of hiring a full-time, in-house resource.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (VCISO)

Maor’s VCISO is an outsourced / remote professional who provides organisations with comprehensive cybersecurity leadership and guidance without being a full-time employee. Organisations cannot always make a business case for a full-time, in-house CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) resource.

By engaging Maor as your VCISO, your organisation gains immediate access to cybersecurity expertise on a part-time or as-needed basis, reducing the cost associated with hiring a full-time CISO, while benefiting from specialised cyber security knowledge and experience.

Protecting Your Organisation from Cyber Threats

Enhancing Cyber Security with VCISO

What a VCISO does:
  • Risk Assessment: ID and assess security risks to organisational systems and data.
  • Security Strategy and Planning: Develop and implement cybersecurity strategies aligned with the organisation’s objectives.
  • Incident Response: Assist in responding to security incidents and developing incident response plans.
  • Compliance: Ensure that the organisation complies with relevant industry standards and regulations.
  • Security Awareness Training: Staff education on cybersecurity best practices.
  • Vendor and Tool Selection: Advise on the selection and implementation of security tools and technologies.
Why an external VCISO:
  • Expertise and Experience: Access to highly trained, experienced cybersecurity personnel, with access to an external network of fellow professionals.
  • Reduced cost: vCISO can be engaged on a contractual basis, providing access to cybersecurity expertise without taking on a permanent, full-time employee.
  • Core Competencies: Organisation is not required to develop in-house cyber security expertise and can continue to focus on their own priorities. vCISO’s complement existing internal cyber security functions / training via mentoring and training.
  • Flexibility: vCISO role is designed to adapt to organisational needs: scaling, project specific roles.
  • Risk and Compliance: Organisations increasingly need to demonstrate an understanding and adoption of cyber security regulatory requirements. A vCISO can assist in formulating strategies that incorporate these expectations.
  • External View: Impartial, objective perspective, to cybersecurity practices. Sole purpose is to provide cyber security advice.
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